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Internet (101)

This will be a huge article and we just got started on it...  (Ignore √, that's just for our reference)

The "world wide web" encompasses millions of servers and computers, but the Internet is after all, just a large network operating under the same rules as your local network does.  Each server, computer and device connected must have it's own IP address.  See Networks for more on that.

Stay safe

Review these Microsoft article on various security issues:

And if you want to tighten the Internet Explorer's settings, try these...

See also: Free isn't necessarily free! And be careful searching the Internet

Home page vs. browser

Occasionally when talking with customers, we have found that some do not distinguish the difference between their Internet browser and their desired home (or start) page.  These are two different things.

Browser: When you want to browse the Internet, you will use an application (program) that is installed on your computer.  This application could be one of many browsers, including: Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Opera, Apple's Safari or others.  Links to common browsers here.

Home page:  When you initially open that application (regardless of which one), it will take you to your home page (or perhaps a blank page).  Your home page can be literally ANY web site on the Internet.  

Sometimes the home page changes and perhaps without your knowledge or permission.  Typically this occurs when various toolbars, PC "speed up" utilities or other Internet junk is installed.  My Web Search, Conduit, Babylon and Start Now are few of the more popular home page hijacks.  See Hijacked!

Be sure to just say no to all toolbars and watch out for free stuff!

Google vs. Google's Chrome

For those who are still are confused on this issue:

You can have Google (.com) as your home page for the Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox or any of the other browsers.  Like Ford or Chevrolet, Chrome and the other browsers are just vehicles for the superhighway.