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Internet searches

You need to be careful and wise about accepting search results on the Internet.  While the search engines are trying to flag bad sites, it's simply not possible to catch all of them.

Be aware of search results but this can be difficult.  A while back we did a Google search for "Dell support" and amazingly, many of the results were not Dell at all!  Look carefully at the site's domain you are about to visit.   Domain names are circled in example below.

The domain should be clean, e.g.,, and so on.  So while is a legitimate Dell site, domains like and are not! 

Four most popular search terms that can quickly lead to trouble:

Interesting article from McAfee.

Downloading stuff

There is a lot of great stuff available on the Internet and some is even free but be aware, download sites (most we dare say), can be a bit deceiving during the delivery of your request. Free isn't necessarily free!  
See also the potential dangers of email. attachments.

Example: After clicking to download IrfanView (at the page changes but the desired download does not immediately start. Instead, you will be presented with something like this. 

Not your download

If you don't know better or didn't read things carefully, you may click the apparent "Start Download" button shown and ended up with the crapware Advance System Care. 

So be patient and wait for the browser to indicate the actual desired download is available.  Examples:

Google Chrome (lower left of browser)
Clicking the caret allows you to "Open when done" and a few other choices.

Chrome DL

Internet Explorer (bottom of browser)
You can run, Save or Save as which gives an option to change folders

IE download

FireFox is 2 steps (first this pop up)

FirFox DL 1

and then clicking the download arrow (top right) you can run or find it in the folder

FirFox DL 2


Before downloading (or even going on the Internet) you do have an up to date and active antivirus - right?