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Addressbar vs. Searchbar (101)

There is a big difference in the outcome using the browser's addressbar vs. the browser's searchbar.

add bar   add bar
Internet Explorer                                            Google Chrome

If you type in the actual addressbar (then hit the Enter key), you are taken to the one and only website, but if you type that in a searchbar, you are presented with various search results that likely include imposter sites!

Microsoft, with the introduction of "Edge" in Windows 10 is skewing search vs. addressbars!  Probably to rack up their own search results, Edge does not even show the actual addressbar initially, instead it you see only their Where to Next? searchbar.

edge deceives

If you want the actual addressbar, you need to
single click single click
  the approximate area where it should appear (boxed in green above).  Even though the addressbar indicates "search the web" (below), that is the actual addressbar and typing our previous example of will take you there and not the search engine results.

edge address

Search engines will have some deceptive results:

Three of five are not even Dell!  More information.

deceptive results