Bergesch Computer Services, Inc.
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Contacting us

Shop 320-274-6100 (area phone book and caller ID have been incorrect for years - we have simply gave up trying to deal with Windstream on the matter). 

We are in and out of the office a lot!  If you are having trouble catching us, try Steve's cell 612-282-7526. 

Email: bcs or steve @ 

Phones, email, an occasional text and this website are more than enough for us to keep up with.  So, sorry but we just can't take the time to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, instant message, chat, blog or any of the (all too many) other social media...

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Many sites, even some well-known sites blindly accept third-party advertisements and apparently without testing those ads for malicious links and viruses.  See our Scams page.

And NO COOKIES!  We really don't want to know who visits, where you've been,
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16 years in town...

We understand our downtown location was convenient for our customers and certainly has many advantageous for us as well.  But with computers becoming more reliable (and more disposable), the last several years has been increasingly difficult to keep the downtown location viable. 

The business continues as before with no change in service calls other than a slightly longer drive time.  We are also in town on a regular basis to pick up/drop off computers and parts, etc.