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External links

While most of the links found in our articles simply take you to another of our articles, some are "external" links taking you to other websites, sites beyond our control.

External links were tested for rogue code and viruses at the time we read the article and created the link, but we cannot guarantee all are still safe. 

Example: If a domain name (website) is not renewed in time by the original owner, someone else may have purchased it and replaced the (then safe) contents with something not safe or not suitable to view.


Additionally, many of those external sites allow third-party advertising but do not test those ads to insure they are safe!

Good antivirus applications and updated browsers are becoming better at protecting you from those rogue website and are absolutely necessary whenever surfing the Internet!  Example.

Make sure your antivirus, operating system and browsers are up to date and follow safe Internet habits!  See Microsoft's Safety article.

While we can't do anything about it anyway, we still will apologize for some of the external links having annoying autoplay videos and way, way too much advertising!

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Various articles contain our opinions based on decades in this business doing computer repairs, hijacked and virus clean up, and assisting customers with various problems...