The industry (Microsoft, Google, etc.) are fighting back, trying to protect you from these fake/rogue websites that take over your computer prompting you to call a "support" number.  But Symantec's Endpoint protection has been doing just that for some time.  Example below of notification to the administrator.

While the product is labeled for small business and the minimum purchase is for 5 machines, the price per seat makes it well worth the great protection, even if you only install on a couple machines.  You could always share the unused seats with a friend or two...

Symantec Endpoint: trial version and pricing.

symantec saves

And email protection

Incident Details
Heur.AdvML.B detected by Email Scanner
Threat Name
Threat Type
Heuristic Virus
File Name
due invoices .rar>>po-hb42008721.exe
Action Required
Resolved - No Action Required