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Internet Options

From the Control Panel, open Internet Options (still available under Windows 10).

Here you can set a variety of options, some settings affect not only the Internet Explorer (IE), but Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and other browsers.  The other browsers have a variety of their own settings as well.

Since there are literally hundreds of settings within, we will discuss only the basics...

General tab, you can change the default Home Page (more information below).

 Delete button

  • Delete on Exit can be very problematic!  E.g., if you delete cookies every time you close the browser, secure sites such as banks will force you to reapply/re-confirm it is actually you trying to log in.  See our Cookies page.
  • If your are having problems at sites such as page not loading or page loading slowly, try deleting the "temporary files" option but heed the above cookies deletion.

Settings button, generally defaults are just fine but we have experienced problems in the past where certain sites may not be up to date.  Setting.

Colors, Languages, Fonts and Accessibility are best left as the default!

Security Tab is best left alone unless you are directed by VPN or website operators to make changes.

Privacy Tab there are a couple settings you can tweak if you are having problems at certain sites.

Context Tab is best left alone unless you are directed by VPN or website operators to make changes.

Internet Options

Connection Tab is best left alone, however, if you see a lot of 404/page not found errors, under the LAN settings make sure only the top "Automatically" option is set, UNLESS you are under an Enterprise network in which case you IT people should have control.  Page not found errors may also be caused by DNS issues.

Programs Tab is where you will find a couple settings/options worth looking at.  One in particular is Manage Add-ons.  There you can turn off/disable some of that Internet crap the sneaks in such as toolbars...

Advanced Tab is best left alone, but again, unless you are specifically instructed to make changes BY SOMEONE YOU TRUST!

Setting the Home Page

The Home Page(s) are the site(s) you Internet Browser initially opens when launched. 

Most browsers allow you to set the page(s) with a Use Current button.  That means whatever site(s) you have open at that time will become the Home page.  If multiple sites (tabs) are open, all become the Home pages.

Windows 10 Edge
See also Edge hijacking!

Edge home

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome