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Browser add-ons

Internet Browsers allow for add-ons/extensions which are basically apps over and above the browser itself.  Common add-ons are tools bars but there are others.  Toolbars, especially those with pop-up blockers can be problematic at a lot of sites so best just to get rid of all toolbars. One add-in that seems to be more and more problematic these days causing the browser to crash out is Adobe Flashplayer.

Rather than just disabling junk add-ons, maybe just uninstall but occasionally that is not even possible...

Internet Explorer

IE's add-ons are accessible via the Tools menu (upper right ) > Internet options > Programs tab.

Change the list to show All add-ons...

Look through the list, select anything you do not recognize and disable it. 

You can always re-enable if you find you need it.

 You can get more information about a particular add-on by selecting it then clicking the

More information link. If you are unsure what something is, "Google it"...

If you're seeing the speed up browsing notice in the Internet Explorer, see this article.

Google Chrome

Chromes extensions are available from the Customize icon > Settings > Extensions.  (or type chrome://settings in the addressbar)

Again, look through the list and disable (uncheck) those you do not want to run.  Note: "Removing" some may do no good as they will simply reappear.  Just turn them off.

Chrome is a bit odd in that way, sometimes best to uninstall Chrome complete to include "personal data" when prompted, then reinstall it again.

Firefox is very direct, select add-ons (upper left)...