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September '17

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PLEASE - Do not give control of your computer to ANYONE unless you are absolutely certain who they are!  For more information see our Self Help > Scams!   New to computers?  Our updated index may be useful.

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The move

Since 2001 we have had the office in downtown Annandale, but with declining business and since we are more often out rather than in the office, maintaining the downtown location is no longer practical. 

Rather than having a public store, beginning October 1st, we will office at home becoming a service call only business.  So instead of stopping by (in hopes we are available), it will be necessary to call us and schedule.

We will be in Annandale on a regular (but yet unknown) basis for pickup/delivery of computers and parts. 

Phone numbers the same:  320-274-6100 or 612-282-7526

We will have some miscellaneous items we will no longer need and there will probably be more, so end of this month check back on this list or call Steve.

Security Certificate error

If you see a security certificate error or notice when logging on site, first thing to check is your computer's date and time.  If it's off by much, most secure sites will produce an error.  But be aware, bad websites may also use a phony certificate warning.  If you are sure you are at the correct/trusted site, you can proceed anyway.   

error  error

Recently, there are a lot of complaints about the Yahoo site.  This Yahoo support article indicates the below fix, but this is not a fix, it is only a work-around for something they should resolve!  This "fix" suggested by Yahoo tells your browser to ignore security certificate problems altogether, and applying it reduces your browser's security!

Open Internet Options found in the Control Panel.

If you are having problems with Yahoo specifically, we highly recommend submitting a complaint.

Some Windows 10 machines unsupported

Some PCs that received a free upgrade to Windows 10 just a few years ago are officially blocked from receiving Microsoft support and possibly updates.  From this ZDNet article:

If you are one of the unlucky owners of one of the first 2-in-1 PCs, announced in 2012 and sold throughout 2013 and 2014, your PC was eligible for the free Windows 10 upgrade in mid-2015, and it also received the Summer 2016 Anniversary Update (version 1607) without any compatibility issues.

But when Windows Update tries to install the March 2017 Creators Update, version 1703, the installation fails with a dire (and confusing) message that reads: Windows 10 is no longer supported on this PC.

Can't install application(s) on Windows 10?

If you cannot install something INCLUDING Microsoft's own Office 2016 or earlier (too funny), you will probably find Microsoft's latest gimmick at fault:  Apps & Features may be set to allow only apps from the Microsoft Store

Open Settings (right click the Start menu), go to Apps & Features and change Allow only apps from the store to Allow apps from anywhere.

Win 10 apps

Often Save As a PDF?

If you do, you can reduce the number of clicks to get there by adding Save As to the Quick Access toolbar...


Click the toolbar Customize button (top pull down/open button) and choose More Commands.

save as 

In the Customize window, select All Commands (top), scroll down and locate Save As Other Format. 

save as

Click the Add button

You will then have a Quick Access menu similar to this...


Note: If you do not see that option

save as


Excel users: Don't be too clever:

Windows 10 blank screen:

Be leery of ALL attachments - Virus delivered via PowerPoint presentations.  Article.

Maybe not just for small business!  Symantec Endpoint Protection constantly amazes us, even blocking those fake web sites:

A high-risk intrusion was detected on XYZ computer on 8/11/2017 2:49:39 PM.
IPS Alert Name

Web Attack: Fake Tech Support Website 40



Probably no need to remind most, but if you have teenage drivers:  Distracted driver goes to prison

Desktop (101)

Below is a typical Windows machine Desktop but with all the icons hidden (discussed shortly). 

Prior to the Desktop, your computer may have a logon screen requesting whatever password you set up. 


But back to the subject at hand...

 Terms just to help avoid confusion when you call someone for help:


As with most everything in Windows, you can right click and get a context menu (examples).  Right clicking a blank area of the Desktop will open this context menu...

More on the Start menu, Taskbar and Notification area and customizing things in this article.

This is from our Windows 7 machine but Windows 10 is nearly identical.  Your context menu may include other items like a video control center.

Here we've expanded the View menu, where we could change icon sizes, arrangements, etc., but the item of immediate interest is the Show desktop icons.

In our Desktop image (above), there are no icons.  That's because the View menu > Show desktop icons option is not checked (not enabled). 

We get calls now and then from customers saying all their icons disappeared.  This is often the reason.  Somehow they disabled the Desktop icons...

Desktop context menu

Auto arrange icons is not available (grayed out) in the above example because Desktop icons are not shown.  But when Show desktop items is enabled, having Auto arrange checked means icons all line up in columns then rows (left image).  Auto arrange off, you can move icons around as desired (right image).

 auto auto

Note: Some machines, sometimes, with auto arrange off, will move some icons to different places upon reboot. Why, we have no idea and while there are various articles with that same complaint, none seem to have a fix that worked for everyone...

Orientation (not shown)

Some computers have a rotation option so you can orientate the screen tall rather than wide.  But if you accidentally rotate a desktop screen, manipulating the mouse to open the menu is, shall we say, interesting...

Screen resolution

Windows 7 uses Screen resolution.  In Windows 10 it's Display settings.

See update - display suddenly changes!

This is how you can get more Desktop area to work with, but doing so will make your applications, icons and text smaller. 
(See also pixels below.)

Both Windows 7 and 10 have a pull down box you can open to see other available resolution settings.  Generally the "recommended" is what you want to stay with, but if you have problems reading things, you can certainly experiment. 

Changing that setting to an incorrect ratio may distort everything or put the Desktop in a letter box, so again, experiment with the different resolutions. 

Win 10 resol

Here is what we are referring to about gaining more area but having things look smaller. 

The left 1280x1024 setting allows our calendar application to show a lot more information but everything is smaller. 

The 800x600 setting makes things much easier to read but there is less room, less information.


If you use the recommended settings but things appear a bit too small, try changing the "size" found under Personalize > Display (Windows 7) or Display Settings (Windows 10).

Win 10  Win7
Windows 7                                                                        Windows 10

Dual (or more) monitors

This is really nice for multitasking.  Here we have two applications open at once:  The application we use to write our web pages on our left monitor (boxed in red) and our always open calendar open on the right monitor.

dual example

When running multiple monitors (see image below):


Out of range error

Not all monitors work with all resolution settings, especially old monitors. 


Under Personalize (Windows 10 left, Windows 7 right) are a variety of things you can do including changing:

personalize 10 personalize 7

Screen saver/Lock screen

Clicking Lock screen in Windows 10 opens the same Screen Saver Settings (lower left image) dialog box used in Windows 7.  In that Screen Saver Settings dialog window, simply change the screen saver as desired (marquee, pictures, etc.) and the "Wait" time before the screen saver takes over. 

If the On resume option is checked you will first see the logon screen when waking from the screen saver mode.   

screen saver

Windows 10 Cortana Lock Screen, Start, Taskbar and a few other settings discussed in this article.


A pixel is a single point of light projected by TVs and monitors.  If you use a good magnifying glass and look at your monitor (or TV), you can see the individual pixels.

Here we have used the Windows magnifier (found in the Control Panel > Ease of Access/Use center) to magnify our screen 800%.  At this zoom, you can see the individual pixels making up the icon and text.  

  pixel zoom

When we zoom out to the normal 100%, icons and text appear as they should... unzoom

The more pixels, the better things look but as mentioned above, the smaller they may look.  Generally high pixel count devices are large anyway.


As you probably surmised over the years, we are anti-big government and firmly believe in our Constitution, the most important literature ever written in our opinion.  Trump obviously does not have those values!  See Trump administration demands data on over a million visitors to anti-Trump site.  But knowing that same Constitution will protect us from lunacy like that, we'll still take him over what could have been... 

And speaking of ridiculous spending, here's a few more...

Leaving you with

Often stuck by a train, we've been looking at some amazing graffiti.  Images from a Google search.


Thanks for all the help over these years, Jeff...