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Windows 10 Personalization options

Images and options may vary slightly with the different versions...

win 10 personalize

Lock screen settings

If you decide to use the Cortana lock screen option rather than the default Windows lock screen option (discussed here), look through the list and note, there are a lot more options than shown here.


See our September '17 newsletter for the other Screen timeout settings/.


Personalize/customize the Start menu:

Win 10 start  full start  Win 10 start folders 

You can:


Personalize/customize the Taskbar:

Win 10 personalize task

You can (image above):

The remainder of the Personalization:

Win task bottom

Select which icons appear (left image) and Turn on/off system icons (right image)

Win 10 personalize task   Win 10 personalize task

Last, if running multiple displays (monitors), show the Taskbar in all of them (or not).