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Basics (101) 

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Shut off vs. running 24/7

Always a controversy even within the industry but shutting off and restarting computers does not seem to extend their life.  While the hardware is a little different and more robust, servers all over the world run 24/7 for years and years.  All of our computers run 24/7 and in 20+ years we have never had a failure (see UPS).  But having said that, our computers are replaced every 4-6 years for reliability reasons.


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Backup your password(s)

If your computer has password, be sure to create a password reset disk (thumb/flash drive).  Especially important with Windows 8 and later...

If Windows logons to your email at boot up and you change your email password*, be sure to recreate the recovery disk with that new password!

Don't want a password on the computer at all?  Change it to a local account via Start menu > Settings > User Accounts.

Pwd disk

* You need to change the email password with the provider first

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