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Somewhat related: Here's the Microsoft list of Windows quick keys.

Context menus

Context menus are very common throughout a PC and are available by a  single click single click  right click or pressing the menu key on the keyboard (didn't know what that was for, did you). context

Context menus offer a wide variety of options for the work at hand, hence the term context.  So a context menu varies depending on the specific application, selection and other factors.  So some examples what they are...

An Outlook junk mail folder
(most Email apps offer this)

An Outlook account
context account

An Outlook email message
message context menu

Word document (nothing selected)
Word document (a word selected)
context word


Windows (10) "This PC" (more info here)
this pc
Windows Desktop
Windows (10) Taskbar
 Win 10 taskbar

Excel document

Network icon in the notification tray

Application pinned to Taskbar

Icon or shortcut

Don't be afraid to experiment.  There's (almost) always an undo.