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System information

in process

Information about the computer and Operating System is available via System, which can be found by:

Other things available from this Context menu:

this pc

But back to System Information...

System information screen shows the various details of the computer.  This particular screenshot is Windows 7,  Windows 10 is nearly identical with the exceptions noted.

Left (index/menu) are links to the

  • Control Panel
  • Device Manager
  • Remote Settings
  • System Protection
  • Advanced settings

Nearer to the bottom of the Index:

  • Action Center
  • Windows Update
  • Performance Information...
  • Security and Maintenance (Windows 10)

Center or main part of the screen (top down) is:

  • Operating system and version
  • Hardware (Processor, RAM, etc.)
  • Computer's name and Workgroup
  • Product ID
sys info