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Operating System (101)

Books have been written on these, so briefly...  The Operating System (OS) while technically itself is software, it is more a liaison between you, your software (applications) and hardware (keyboard, mouse, cameras, printers, etc.).  Without an OS, you have useless hardware.

There are a variety of Operating Systems, e.g., Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC OS and others.  Each having a many different versions and releases.  Microsoft's Windows versions (but not all) include:

Never downgrade a computer's OS

As the industry moves forward with newer hardware and operating system, older hardware becomes obsolete, example; older printers may not work on newer computers - Period. 

We had a good working HP Laserjet 3390 Fax/Copier/Printer with the extra trays, but had to replace it as HP does not offer software/drivers for Windows 7. 

Manufacturers simply do not (re)write software and/or drivers for old hardware.

The point is, if you install an older operating system, say Windows 7 on a computer that came with Windows 10, you may very well be left with a computer that does not work properly since the hardware (video, sound system, processor, etc.), will not have drivers available.


Again, an entire book (or two) could be dedicated to this so just some basics below.