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Windows Run

Windows run offers the ability to run a variety of commands as listed below but this is slightly different than Windows command line tools (DOS commands).

command line

The keyboard's Window key (lower left) can be a powerful ally!  How to use: Hold it then touch another key once.

Used in combination with certain other keys, it can quickly get you where you want to be.  Example Window key+D minimizes all applications and shows the Desktop.  With that said...

The Windows key + R or Run from the Start menu Windows 7+ will quickly start a variety of Windows utilities and even some of your regular applications.

Run is not case sensitive so either MSRA or msra work just fine...

msra may not be the best example.  That is the Windows Remote Assistance utility but this particular utility is usually blocked by router firewalls. is probably a better solution.


This is list below are common/handy things you can quickly open.  There are many, many more but some so esoteric, they're not worth mentioning.  And besides, how many of these would you care to remember anyway...

Some of these may allow for additional information if desired, e.g., word /safe opens MS Word in the safe mode which is handy when add-ons are causing it to crash...

For even more, see this article.  A few more commands below you may find handy:

There are a lot more shell: commands, see this article.