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Scheduled Tasks

It doesn't hurt to check the various tasks (and Services) that run on occasion, but especially if you have just cleaned up from a virus or junkware.

In the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Scheduled tasks.

On the left, select the Task Scheduler Library and look in the list of items.  If you see things without a name or something you do not know what it is, select it, then click the actions tab bottom pane.  That will show what action occurs.  In this example, the 4752 is a script (application) the runs launchie.vbs (visual basic script) from a temporary folder.  The one above named "0" also would get deleted.  You want to look at the Action tab for each, see what application is scheduled then decide from there.  If it's an unknown or suspicious, you can pause it or probably better yet, just delete it...

You could also edit a task for example, you may want to change Adobe and Google from checking for updates every hour to once a week...

Also worth looking at Microsoft's autoruns for some items that may not appear here.