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Self Help

Be sure to see our Scams article.  A few quick reminders/warnings:


If you think your computer may be (or has been) infected, run BOTH 1 & 2 as one seems to find things the other does not.  If after that things still do not seem "quite right", run the third one. 

Notes: None of these are antivirus application, only cleanup utilities!  Many viruses corrupt the system so badly, you are best just to format the drive and reinstall Windows from the original factory disk(s). 

  1. Microsoft Security Scanner
    • Save to your desktop then right click and run as Administrator.   Full scan takes two + hours, but highly recommended!
  2. Severely infected computers may require Microsoft's Defender Offline scan tool. This must be downloaded on a clean machine where you run it to create a bootable DVD or flashdrive, which is then used on the infected machine.

Other tools available:

Then make sure your antivirus is updated and run a full scan.  Don't have one?  Get something!

Last, be sure to run through all of these for a final cleanup...
Stay safe

Review these Microsoft article on various security issues:

And if you want to tighten the Internet Explorer's settings, try these...