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How Much?

First, let us clarify that disk space and memory are two different things.



RAM (memory)

Memory (Ram) directly affects the computer's performance. Windows itself, antivirus and other "always on" applications take their toll on the computer performance.

Adding more memory is reasonably inexpensive and easy to do but how much do you need? 

Recommendation: No less than 4 Gigabytes for any machine.  Windows 10 we recommend no less than 8...

To check the amount of RAM (memory)

Press the Windows key + Pause/Break
This image is Windows 7.  Other Window versions look slightly different but the information is obtained the same way...

RAM can become slightly unseated causing the computer to hang at startup (not start at all).  See reseating RAM.

To check the amount of disk space available

Windows 7: Open (My) Computer.

If the bar graph does not appear, right click the C: drive and select properties.

Notice the 297GB is the drive's total size.

There is always some "loss" for drive formatting, i.e., this "300 Gigabyte" drive ends up with 297 usable...  

Windows 10 example:

If you no longer have the folder icon at the bottom, use Cortana search and type "file explorer," it should appear in the list as a Desktop app.

Then click This PC...

win 10 this pc

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