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File vs.Folder (101)

Computers have thousands (some tens of thousands) of individual files and some, thousands of folders that are stored (saved) on the hard drive.

A file may be a picture, word processed document, piece of music, etc.  Those are your data files.  But there are also hundreds of individual program files a.k.a. libraries, scripts and other names used by the computer to operate.  See File Extensions.

Just like a physical filing cabinet, the computer stores those individual files within folders.  There can be only one file with a specific name in a single location so files are stored in various folders

The filing cabinet is the computer's hard drive and the top level is called the root.  Using the Windows File Explorer we can look at the various folders and files on the computer.  See showing details.

A quick word on file names, more information elsewhere

When saving files, be aware:


Here we have  
single click single click
  clicked on the root in the left pane. The root a.k.a. C-drive, Local Disk, OS and a variety of other names but C: is the top location on a hard drive.  

Because we have  
single click single click
  clicked on the root in the left pane, the right pane updated to show the root's contents, but in the left pane we have also expanded the folder tree to start revealing our down and dirty backup folder (DDBackup*).

We have also expanded the first folder under the DDBackup folder to show the 20151220 folder and we will continue expanding that folder by  
single click single click
  clicking the little arrow on the left.
vs. collapsed)
Windows File Explorer

So here, we have expanded the 20151220 folder, then the Data folder and finally  
single click single click
  clicked on the Databases folder (in the left pane). 

The right pane then updated to show even more folders but also some individual files (boxed in red).

Parent: The Data folder is the parent folder to Database folder, 20151220 folder is the parent folder to Data and DDBackup is the parent to 20151220 (and so on).

To the computer, the database folder location is:

See also selecting clicking & selecting multiple files.

folder contents

* Our DDBackup folder is simply a raw copy of everything found on our main storage device which is not this particular computer.  In the event of the storage device failure, we at least of a copy of all of out data.  In the event of a computer failure, there is no working data on it so we have lost nothing (in the way of data).

Sharing folders

If you want to share data (or devices) from one computer to other computers on your local network, see Folder sharing here.