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When viewing files and folder via the Windows File Explorer. you have a whole bunch of options how those items will be presented.  And each folder will "remember" your last setting.  See also Windows File Explorer.

For example: We have our pictures folders set to show Extra Large Icons, basically a picture preview system.  But we have our Documents folder set as Details so we can quickly find something by name, or if we re-sort the list, by date modified.

The file/folder view options are available in a variety of places, e.g., File Open from within an application, Windows File Explorer and Folder Options from the Control Panel

Sometimes it's handy to view a list of files by date created or modified rather than alphabetical.  Shown below is a folder in the Details view and sorted by name.  You can re-sort the list by clicking the column heading, e.g., Date Modified.

You can adjust the column width by hovering between the column to get this cursor then click and drag:

You can also add more columns by right clicking the column header.  That opens a popup menu shown, where you can choose date created, Title and a lot more...


Windows 10

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