Bergesch Computer Services, Inc.
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Serving small business and individual users in the Annandale area since 1994.

We no longer have a retail store.  It will be necessary to call and schedule computer pick up, parts drop off and service calls. 

Same phone numbers: 274-6100 or 612-282-7526

We are in Annandale daily.

Our important and on going reminders

All hard drives fail sooner or later - Backup often and to multiple media.

For more than a decade we have been warning:  Do not allow online "support" to take control of your computer unless you know for sure who they are!

HINT: It will never be Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee or any legitimate company.

 Getting phones calls? HANG UP.  See a phone # on the computer?  DON'T CALL!
See our Were you scammed article?  Share this information with others!

Local area calendars/events: Annandale Lions Club  |  Chamber of Commerce  |  Annandale Online
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This is how fast the government (Federal only) is spending your money!

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