In loving memory of my wife - Kelly Bergesch

Born Kelly Greene, January 1957

Kelly and I lived just a couple blocks apart growing up but didn't really meet until early high school.  Initially it was a casual relationship playing neighborhood football, broom ball in the street and just hanging out.  Soon we started dating.  We were regulars at Mr. Steak in Robbinsdale, went roller skating, went to concerts, spent weekends on her uncle's farm, playing cards with our parents and friends, and of course, all the other typical dating rituals.  We quickly fell in love.

Kelly was very involved with the VFW Ladies Auxiliary in North Minneapolis, Russell Gaylord Post #159 competing with the Color Guard, going to many conventions and was President in 1980.  She continued with the Auxiliary even after we were married, had moved to Corcoran and then Annandale, but the commute became a bit much. 

On about the coldest day in January '76, we were married. We initially lived in an apartment on the northern edge of Brooklyn Center and at that time, just across the street in Brooklyn Park, was nothing more than potato fields.  Within about a year, we purchased a home in north Minneapolis, just blocks from both of our parents and soon after, we were expecting our first child.  Nine months (and two false trips to the hospital,) Kelly gave birth to Robert.

We stayed in Minneapolis for a few more years but as Bob was approaching Kindergarten age, we decided to move away from the city and bought a home in Corcoran where our two girls, Katie and Krystal were born.  About '84 we moved to the Annandale area.

Throughout her life, Kelly found a variety of hobbies and interests including cooking (sometimes experimenting on her family), scrap-booking, gardening, Texas Hold'em, weekend golf and more.  She volunteered for school outings including a Wolf Ridge trip (that was the beginning of her wolf collection).  Kelly was also very involved in the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts (including winter camping trips - brrrr), the Kardinal Kingdom project, blood drives, local voting judge and various other community services.

Kelly was a dedicated, hard working employee for Target and the Annandale Lions club.  For the Lions, Kelly worked pull-tabs, bingo and raffles  until March 2019.

At that time we had 3 delightful grandchildren.  The youngest was 2+ in 2019 so Grandma had some great times with them, but Kelly passed away before the birth of her 4th grandson.  

Kelly was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs)** in early 2017, but by then, the doctors indicated she already had the disease for a many years.  Initially we were told she had, maybe a year.  Not accepting that, we did some research on the cancer and found a yet to be approved (in this country) treatment.  PRRT was rumored to be approved in this country January of '18 and we were lucky enough the Mayo allowed her in the group, although very hesitantly.   Unfortunately the 4 treatments were not enough to stop the ongoing damage.

April 24th, Kelly was admitted to the ER with extreme pain of the abdomen.  She was transferred to the Mayo where she had been for treatment but within a week, the Mayo placed her on hospice care.  She was transferred to Quiet Oaks in St Augusta+ for the remaining few weeks of life.  Kelly passed away May 25th, 2019 at the age of 62.  She is buried in Southside's Grace Cemetery.

The family was stunned by the attendance at Kelly's visitation.  It quickly became clear just how much Kelly touched lives in the community and at work.  We are so grateful for everyone's kind words and generous support.  We do not have everyone's address so we apologize to those not receiving a thank you card.  Thank you!

Kelly my love, you will be eternally missed. 

Kelly had prearranged to have her body donated to the University of Minnesota Anatomy Bequest program in hopes they will learn more about this devastating disease. 

+I must express my sincere gratitude to the people at Quiet Oaks.  Your genuine compassion toward, and understanding of Kelly and the family needs was remarkable.  Thank you!

** Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) is a cancer of the neuroendocrine system. When detected early enough it may be manageable. The cancer is apparently rarely suspected by doctors and the symptoms so puzzling that it is seldom diagnosed before it has metastasized.  For more information visit: or

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