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Icon locations

Follow up from our Icons and Shortcut article, July 2017 newsletter.  So you want some locations of icons you can assign to shortcuts? 

Try searching your computer's C:\Windows and C:\Program Files (folders) for *.ico and when the list is complete, note the folder.  But be sure it's not in a temporary folder such as the Internet cache as that list changes a lot.

where is it

We'll save you some searching, these files contain icons you can use to assign to a shortcut:

You could also download the Icon Extractor from: - Slick!
As of 6/10/17 it scanned clean and safe using Symantec's Endpoint protection.

We used it to "searched for" icons with the criteria: C:\Windows\*.* to include subfolders, which resulted in 18,000+ icons.  Many duplicates, many progressive icons, e.g., no WIFI signal to strong WIFI signal.  In hindsight, C:\Windows to include subfolders pulled icons from temporary folders as well, hence the overwhelming number. 

We've posted some, you are welcome to browse through, open and download.