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Windows 8 quick keys known so far

No modifier  Windows logo key  Ctrl  Alt  Shift  Ctrl+Shift  Ctrl+Alt  Alt+Shift 
No other key    Start screen      8 seconds: Filter Keys 5 times: Sticky Keys       
Mouse wheel      Desktop: Change icon size Start screen: Zoom in/out           
A      Select all           
C    Open charms  Copy           
D    Show desktop    Select address bar (Explorer)      Docked mode (Magnifier)   
E    Open Windows Explorer  Select Search box (Explorer)           
F    Go to Files in Search charm (+Ctrl to find computers on a network)             
G    Cycle through desktop gadgets             
H    Share charm             
I    Settings charm          Invert colors (Magnifier)   
J    Switch focus between snapped and larger apps             
K    Devices charm             
L    Switch users (Lock computer if on a domain)          Lens mode (Magnifier)   
M    Minimize all windows (desktop)             
N      New window (Explorer)      New folder (Explorer)     
O    Lock screen orientation             
P    Projection options             
Q    Search charm             
R    Run�  Refresh           
T    Set focus on taskbar and cycle through running desktop apps             
U    Ease of Access Center             
V    Cycle through notifications (+Shift to go backward)  Paste           
W    Go to Settings in Search charm  Close current window (Explorer)           
X    Quick link power user commands (Opens Windows Mobility Center if present)  Cut           
Y      Redo           
Z    Open app bar  Undo           
1-9   Go to the app at the given position on the taskbar             
+    Zoom in (Magnifier)             
-    Zoom out (Magnifier)             
, (comma)    Peek at the desktop             
. (period)    Snap a metro app to the right (+Shift to snap to the left)             
Enter    Narrator (+Alt to open Windows Media Center if installed)    Properties         
Spacebar  Select or clear active check box  Switch input language and keyboard layout    Shortcut menu         
Tab  Move forward through options  Cycle through metro app history (use Ctrl to use arrow keys)  Cycle through metro app history  Switch between apps  Move backward through options    Switch between apps using arrow keys   
Esc  Cancel  Exit Magnifier  Start screen      Task Manager     
PrtSc                Left Alt+Left Shift+PrtSc: High Contrast 
NumLock  5 seconds: Toggle Keys              Left Alt+Left Shift+NumLock: Mouse Keys 
Ins      Copy    Paste       
Del  Delete file (Explorer)               
Home    Minimize non-active desktop windows             
PgUp    Move Start screen to left monitor             
PgDn    Move Start screen to right monitor             
Break    System Properties             
Left arrow  Open previous menu or close submenu  Snap desktop window to the left (+Shift to move window to left monitor)  Previous word  Previous folder (Explorer)    Select a block of text     
Right arrow  Open next menu or open submenu  Snap desktop window to the right (+Shift to move window to right monitor)  Next word      Select a block of text     
Up arrow    Maximize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)  Previous paragraph  Go up one level (Explorer)    Select a block of text     
Down arrow    Restore/minimize desktop window (+Shift to keep width)  Next paragraph      Select a block of text     
F1  Display Help (if available)  Windows Help and Support             
F2  Rename item               
F3  Search for file or folder               
F4  Display items in active list    Close active document  Close active item or app         
F5  Refresh