Bergesch Computer Services, Inc.
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Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards

Rates and Prices: Excludes Sales Tax.  All subject to change. 

Common repairs
Excludes Sales Tax.  Unless indicated, prices are for in shop repairs.  Additional charge(s) may apply. 
We are not responsible for lost or corrupt files of any kind.

(1) Infected or corrupt files will be removed during the recovery/transfer process.
(2) If not built-in, customer must supply the necessary restore media and Product Key(s)
(3) These operations must be done in our shop and if applicable there may be a service call charge as well. 
(4) Process can days.
(5) We install (when possible) all available Window security updates.


If we are replacing the hard drive or need to reformat the existing disk for whatever reason, we may be able to transfer some data but you must inform us where that data is!  Programs cannot be saved or transferred.

It is always the “last resort” but if we do need to reformat the drive, we may need your original operating system and application disks.  We may be unable to restore a system without those disks.

If we do recover data, it may be stored for up to the maximum of two month on our recovery server.

Although we take extraordinary care with your computer and data, during the process of servicing your computer, some applications or data may have been lost.  We are not responsible for any loss of data, programs or operability.  

Dropping off a computer for repair?  

Be aware: Any item left for more than thirty days may be recycled without saving or removing personal data. Due to the increased expense of recycling, we may require $20 deposit on older computer equipment that appears damaged or in our opinion, of low value. 

We may accept your check however we do not accept:
Post dated checks Second party checks including payroll, government, etc.
Checks without proper identification.   
There will be a $20 per incident fee on returned checks.  
The Wright County Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program