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Gun Control?  How about criminal control...

Quick Facts

Each year, more children drown (source) than are accidentally killed with a firearm (source).
According to the CDC, on average 2 children drown each day, that's about 730 a year.  Most of those are in swimming pools  According to the Children's Defense Org, less than 200 children a year are accidentally killed by hand guns.  Time to ban swimming pools...

Isn’t it remarkable that States with the toughest gun control laws have the highest crime and homicide rate.

 Switzerland which has no gun control laws, has the lowest crime and homicide rate in the world.

A shinning example of the real problem:
Firearms and criminal justice statistics:
Would more laws really matter?

The following classes of people are ineligible to possess, receive, ship, or transport firearms or ammunition:

Right to Carry

31 states have Right To Carry laws. 127 million Americans nearly half the U.S. population, including 60% of handgun owners live in Right To Carry states. Twenty-two states have adopted Right To Carry laws since the mid-1980s; 19 states since 1995.

Additionally, 18 states adopted range protection measures (total, 29), five adopted preemption of local firearm ordinances (total, 42), four adopted "Instant Check" (total, 17), and two adopted hunter protection laws (total, 50). In 1998, Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment protecting the right to arms, making theirs the 44th state to do so.

States with Right To Carry laws have lower violent crime rates. On average, they have a 24% lower total violent crime rate, a 19% lower homicide rate, a 39% lower robbery rate, and a 19% lower aggravated assault rate, compared to other states and the District of Columbia. The nine states with the lowest violent crime rates are all Right To Carry states. (Data: FBI)

Want to do your own research?

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